We reccomend using our Leather Dressing Conditioner for our Caiman, Alligator Eel, Ostrich, Lizard and Pirarucu skin boots. 



  • Blended Seed Oils
  • Tripple Filtered Bees Wax
  • Naturaly Occuring Lipids


When To Use

We recommend conditioning at a minimum every 2 months depending on wear. For heavy use conditioning monthly or more is recommended. 


We always recomend testing the conditioner on the piece of skin located on the boot pull strap to see final color results before aplying to the main part of the boot. Over saturation can lead to a darkening of the leather


Do Not Use

on Nubuck, Suede, or Bull Neck Hide 



J. W. Leather Conditioner Dressing

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Leather Conditioner
    J. W. Boot Company


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