cattle drive map updated.png

J. W. Boot Company mens boots are named after the working positions of the cowboys during the cattle drives of the 1800's.


The Trail Boss- the leader of the entire operation. His responsibilities include keeping track of all the cattle, directing daily operations and travel, mapping the route, deciding when and where to stop, settling disputes, and keeping morale high. He would also deal with people they encountered along the way and with attacks from bandits.

The Point Rider- this Cowboy road at the front of the herd guiding the lead steer as the Trail Boss directed. A good lead steer could keep the entire herd moving, making the entire drive quicker and easier.

The Outrider-  one of many cowboys who rode along the flanks of the herd. They would keep the herd tight and moving in a line.

The Brush Popper-  the term used to describe an outrider who was going after a stray steer in the high brush.