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The Mission

 J. W. Boot Company is headquartered in Pensacola, FL and provides handcrafted, high quality, exotic skin cowboy boots at a price the average boot lover can afford. Our mission is to provide the most comfortable, stylish, and affordable boot wearing experience for any boot enthusiast. 


what we Offer?

Hi, I'm Blake, owner of J. W. Boot Company, welcome to our store. J. W. Boot Company consists of several different brands and I will tell you a little about each one here.

  1. Escambia Boot Company is our largest cowboy boot line. Made in Leon, MX, customers are given many choices in the design of these boots. For example with Escambia boots you can choose embroidery color, heel options and sole options. Also in the notes section you can request options such as single or double stitched welt, toe shape, hide choice and color, shaft height and width, and much more. All of our boots are made to order and I personally respond to all orders and inquiries.

  2. Part of our J. W. Collection, the J. W. Signature Collection (Classical Collection) delivers a classical approach to the craftsmanship of our boots. Just as classical works of literature and art have withstood the test of time by expressing the concepts of "Truth Goodness and Beauty". We seek to build a cowboy boot that will withstand the test of time. With so many modern day cost cutting methods that diminish the quality of mass produced boots,  we wanted to return to the traditional, more classic way of bootmaking. Using traditional methods, age old experience, and techniques, these boots seek to show the beauty of traditional boot making. Quality concepts like full channeled welt, hand cut leather toe boxes, hard leather insoles and hand stitched shafts are all concepts that have been lost to the modern day factory produced boot.  This series will use small batch production allowing the use of the best leathers from the USA, Europe and around the world developed just for us. 

  3. The J. W. Collection, just like the CL. Collection, follows in the concept of handmade, traditional boot construction. This line consists of lace up style boots, mens dress shoes, loafers and casual footwear. Handmade in Spain and using premium leathers sourced from Spain, Germany and Italy The J. W. Collection will deliver some of the finest footwear in the industry. Our fully integrated build it yourself program will allow the customer to create every aspect of their shoe. With so many choices of leathers, colors and finishes, along with different toe shapes, sole options and heel designs each boot or shoe will be its own unique masterpiece.

  4. An extension of our J. W. Collection Traditions by J. W. Boot Company is our traditionally made leather golf shoes, handcrafted using the finest leathers from Europe and the USA



The Beginning

In 2019 J. W. Boot Company started off with 6 pairs of Eel skin boots in Pensacola, FL . After quickly selling those Eel skin boots and hearing customers praise the quality and style: J. W. Boot Company quickly expanded.


Now, J. W. Boot Company also known as Escambia Boot Company sells online across the United States. You will also find Escambia Boot Company at many rodeos, fairs, shows and other venues throughout the Florida panhandle. Please stop by our store next time you are in Pensacola, FL.  

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