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The Mission

Escambia Boot Company formerly J. W. Boot Company is headquartered in Pensacola, FL and provides handcrafted, high quality, exotic skin cowboy boots at a price the average boot lover can afford. Our mission is to provide the most comfortable, stylish, and affordable boot wearing experience for any boot enthusiast. 

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The Idea

Hi, I'm Blake, owner of Escambia Boot Company located in Escambia County Pensacola, Florida. Four years ago I created J. W. Boot Company, a factory direct to customer online boot brand with sales across all lower 48 states. In an effort to bring more of my local roots to my brand I decided to change the name to Escambia Boot Company. Escambia County FL is the county where Pensacola is located and where you can find the Escambia County Boot shop if you ever want to visit. 


A little about me:

I grew up in Austin, TX and San Miguel de Allende, Gto, Mexico. Growing up in Texas, I learned to love and appreciate wearing cowboy boots, especially a nice comfortable pair. However, beautiful handcrafted exotic skin cowboy boots starting at $500 and up were never something I could afford.


The $500 Ostrich skin cowboy boots that I always wanted were never in my closet. That changed when I discovered Leon, Mexico in the great state of Guanajuato where I lived. Leon, where we manufacture our boots, is home to the finest boot makers in the world.


With my partnership in Leon, I can now provide my friends and boot enthusiasts alike with a high quality, great looking, genuine, exotic skin boot; like Ostrich, Buffalo, Stingray and Deer at a price under $500 dollars.  

The Beginning

In 2019 J. W. Boot Company started off with 6 pairs of Eel skin boots in Pensacola, FL . After quickly selling those Eel skin boots and hearing customers praise the quality and style: J. W. Boot Company quickly expanded.


Now, J. W. Boot Company currently known as Escambia Boot Company sells online across the United States. You will also find Escambia Boot Company at many rodeos, fairs, shows and other venues throughout the Florida panhandle. Blake, our owner, will hand deliver each and every pair to our local customers in the Pensacola area.  

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