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You have been on a long journey looking for the ideal boot. You have kept the vision in your mind. Finding it is what you are destin to do. It has been a strugle, a battle, but you have percervierd and at last before you sits Ithaca. 


Traditional classic construction: Venus full grain calf skin leather. Made with American raw hides tanned to our own specifications. We use a double channeled welt, and we hand cut the leather for the toe box, hand cut leather heel counter and hand cut leather stacked heels. Made with a traditional hard leather insole. Hand lasted, with a steel shank and lemon wood pegs, durable hard leather sole measuring between 10-11 irons.


Small batch production limited quantity availble. Pre order yours today





"Ithaca" In venus calf color (Brandy)

  • Venus Calf Skin sorced from US American raw hides.

    Hand crafted construction using a hand cut leather toe box, double channeld welt, and hand cut hard leather counter for boot stability. We use lemmon wood peggs and a steel shank. Hand stitched shafts, stacked leather heels and a durable hard leather out sole. Fully leather lined with a a traditional hard leather insole.

  • This is a small batch production and we only have a limited quantity availble.

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