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Sitting at your chair gazing at this smooth snip toe. You are in awe of the detailed craftsmanship, the stacked leather heel, the goodyear channeled welt and the smooth polished sole. You notice the vamp, and counter, made of an oiled kid (goat) leather, that when worn, the oils open up and allow the lighter bluer color underneath to show. As you go to try on the boot you grab hold of the shaft and pull straps and feel the soft venus calf leather, embroidered by bright blue stitching. The thump of your foot sliding into this leather lined boot and feeling a true traditional hard leather insole that will mold to the shape of your foot with wear now makes you "The Votary" of the Blue Boot.


Traditional classic construction: Vintage oiled kid skin, made with american raw hides tanned to our own specifications, Double channeled welt, we hand cut and use vegtable tanned leather for the toe box, hand cut leather stacked heels, hand cut soles  durable soles (10-11 irons), traditional hard leather insole, it is hand lasted, steel shank and lemon wood pegs.


This is our own privatly developed oiled kid leather using american raw hides.


Votary definition - A devoted follower or admirer


"The Votary" of the Blue Boot in (oiled kid leather)